Homemade delicacies

As the seasons change, wonderful things naturally grow and ripen on the 9 hectares of La Noyeraie Rocamadour. They are handmade into delicacies that you can taste during your stay, and buy as a souvenir to taste at home.


Our naturally grown and hand-harvested walnuts, combined with a little sugar and sea salt. To spread, coat ice cream, cook or enjoy directly. Served at breakfast during your stay.

Available for purchase as a souvenir.

Homegrown Walnuts

Our naturally grown, hand harvested walnuts. Small bags of natural walnuts ready to nibble. Or the more decadent roasted walnuts, enrobed in dark chocolate. Ready to take away.

Nettles and mint tea

An equal blend of spring harvested nettles, and mint from our land. A refreshing infusion with delicate mint perfumes, and the gentle benefits of nettles.

To enjoy without moderation.

Available throughout your stay. Small bags ready to take away.

Homemade Jam

Rhubarb, rosemary and ginger jam. Homegrown rhubarb and rosemary, with a touch of root ginger. Perfect for your breakfast during your stay, and ready to take home with you.

Walnut wine homemade

A fabulous, traditional aperitif of the Quercy. La Noyeraie Rocamadour in a glass!

Our green walnuts are harvested in late june, then left to steep with malbec wine, sugar, vanilla pods, cinnamon, and a drop of alcohol for fruits ;-) Currently offering the 2022 harvest.

Available during your stay